One Degree Leadership provides Leadership Development & Empowerment Workshops to help adolescent girls discover & empower their best, authentic selves so others can do the same!

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Creating opportunities for Community Outreach

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The Authentic Development Cycle

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Safe Space & Self-Empowerment

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The “Why” behind One Degree

"The [girls] planned, organized and ran the event to raise money to help my family with medical expenses. My life was deeply impacted by the actions of the girls in the One Degree program. It has strengthened my character and shown me the depth of love and support that our society possesses. It is refreshing to see our youth teaching us life lessons and demonstrating unconditional love and selflessness."

Kevin Hutchins Beneficiary of $5400 raised by United Futbol Club's U16 Team (2012)

"I used to struggle with my confidence and I felt less of myself. Anxiety was making my life harder to enjoy than it should. Kelly helped me build up my authenticity and feel comfortable in my own skin."

Kate 13 years old

"Before One Degree started I always had felt left out, like I needed to fit in. I always tried to be one of the "cool" kids and try to prove myself to people. But now I love me as I am."

Kendall 14 years old

"This program is absolutely fantastic for young girls who are trying to find their way through their tween/teen years. It gives them confidence, increased self-esteem, optimism, a heightened awareness of their actions and choices (both good and bad), skills to better express themselves, a more positive self-image, a sense of camaraderie between them as teammates, etc, etc, etc... I heard nothing but great things every week when Kate came home from her session... I really can't say enough good things about this program and want to sincerely thank you for giving our girls the tools to be the best kids and adults they can be."

Kristin Olson Daughter Kate (13 years old) participated in the Courageous & Self-Image Series