The Why

Research reveals that adolescent girls’ participation in sports is at an all-time high, yet the attrition, or dropout rate continues to rise as well. Although, physical activity is proven to raise confidence and self-esteem in adolescent girls, that is not keeping girls from dropping out of sports and activities. Self-esteem, self-concept, environment and motivational climate, stereotype threats, and gender disparities threaten participation rates and player retention. Leadership development provides adolescent girls a space to develop leadership skills and higher self-concept, deepen connections with their teammates and coaches, and strengthen their resilience on and off the training grounds. As a result, leadership development can play a key role in improving player retention and lowering dropout rates. One Degree Leadership believes that by creating a safe space for adolescent girls to empower their best, authentic selves that they will choose to courageously and authentically continue participation and engagement in their journeys in and out of the sports arena.

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