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Friendlies for Charity is a community outreach mini-tournament that brings players, teams, and clubs together to celebrate community and the power it holds.100% of the proceeds made by the friendlies tourney are donated to the girls’ charity of choice. The girls are challenged to think bigger than themselves by organizing, developing, and running the event together with no parental or adult involvement (just supervision).

After a horrific accident left Kevin Hutchins with brain damage and his family struggling to pay their mortgage a GU16 group created a Friendlies for Kevin. The tourney brought together a whole club and raised over $5400 to help pay 3 months of mortgage for the Hutchins family and leave a lasting impression on 7 girls about the power of giving.

Being inspired by childhood cancer survivor, 7 year-old Cade Spinello who was a guest speaker during their Series, a GU12 team organized a Friendlies for Charity event that raised over $750 for the Jessie Rees Foundation, which spreads joy to children with cancer.



A Thank You…

"The [girls] planned, organized and ran the event to raise money to help my family with medical expenses. My life was deeply impacted by the actions of the girls in the One Degree program. It has strengthened my character and shown me the depth of love and support that our society possesses. It is refreshing to see our youth teaching us life lessons and demonstrating unconditional love and selflessness."

Kevin Hutchins Beneficiary of $5400 raised by United FC GU16 Group

What's the community saying??

The Jessie Rees Foundation shared with the community about One Degree Leadership's girls'  hard work & donation, as well as their special connection to NEGU warrior Super Cade on their website! 


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Community Outreach Projects

Girls create and develop Outreach Projects that impact their communities. From making blankets for children in the hospital to creating a plan for the renovation of a clubhouse- girls have produced some of the most creative ideas that surely have had a great impact on local and global communities!