Safe Space & Self-Empowerment

One Degree Leadership’s sports-based leadership development program foundation is set on two tenets: Safe Space and Self-Empowerment. It is essential to provide girls a safe space to discover their best, authentic selves and that can only be achieved through self-empowerment, so that they can take ownership of their development and growth.

Safe Space is having the ability to hold a space for others where they can feel comfortable to be vulnerable, without judgment or expectation. Safe Space is also about being inclusive to all communities with open hearts. We also invite the idea of eustress, or positive, tension- or the ability to respect one another’s views, values, and beliefs. By being able to view tension as a chance to learn and grow, we open our hearts to empathically create a safe space for others to learn and grow as well.

Self-Empowerment comes from the belief that only you, and you alone, can take responsibility for empowering yourself. Others can create the space for you to empower yourself, but they cannot empower you. Self-Empowerment is about courageously choosing to be a lifelong learner who is always looking to learn, grow, and develop into your best, authentic self.

The Authentic Development Cycle

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