One Degree Leadership (founded in 2012) creates a safe space for girls (9-18 years-old) to discover their best, authentic selves, empowering their inner leaders. ODL was developed with the adolescent girl in mind. With an all-female staff, we know that adolescent girls are searching to belong and feel like they are worthy of being heard in their own unique and authentic way. Before they get lost in the shuffle of trying to fit in, or give into the pressures and expectations of the world, we want to help them be confident in who they are as fully capable, worthy, and courageously authentic young women who are leaders.

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ODL is designed to be proactive, not reactive. We want to help set their foundations and deepen their wells of confidence and courage, so that they are prepared as hardships and triumphs take them through the many adversities of life. We can create change now. However, it is up to us to vulnerably and courageously connect with those who are the next generations of change. One Degree Leadership’s aim is to work with your organization to create that safe space where girls can discover their best, authentic selves now to empower their inner leaders for the future.

One Degree Leadership’s name comes from the concept of being the “One Degree” of difference... in life, in work, in… it’s up to you! At 211 degrees water is hotà 212 degrees water boilsà boiling water creates steamàsteam can drive a locomotiveàlocomotives take people and things placesà which can create change and make a difference in the world (Sam Parker, 212 Degrees). What we at ODL love so much is that if you are that “One Degree” of difference you can create positive change and make a difference not only in your spheres of influence, but even bigger than that- globally!

Question we want to ask every participant is: WILL YOU BE THE ONE DEGREE OF DIFFERENCE?

We at One Degree Leadership believe that EVERY GIRL CAN & WILL!



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